Hebei Dingli Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces: high-pressure steel wire wrapped hose, metal hose, flexible high-pressure pipe, high-pressure hose assembly, oil hose, hydraulic oil pipe, sandblasting hose, oxygen blowing hose, resin tube, corrugated compensator, beer Machine nylon plastic products, rubber seals and other varieties. The product ex-factory rate is strictly controlled at 100%. It has been applied and promoted in domestic petroleum, coal, metallurgy, chemical, automobile manufacturing and other industries, and won the praise of the majority of users.
Hydraulic oil pipe:
According to the material classification: hard pipe assembly and hose assembly According to the application classification: hard pipe assembly can be divided into: suction pipe return pipe pressure pipe hose assembly: suction pipe return pipe pressure pipe
Resin tube: Generally used as a pilot tube.
General specifications for hydraulic tubing:
Tube inner diameter = 4.6X √ (the symbol on the left is the root number) Q / v, Q = 43.56L / min V represents the flow rate, which is an empirical value, the flow rate of the suction pipe can be selected in the range of 1 ~ 3m / s For safety reasons, you can choose 1m/s. The value obtained after substituting the formula is about 30mm. Note that the speed of the inner diameter pressure tube can be selected between 3 and 6. You can calculate the inner diameter of the pressure oil pipe by substituting the formula. Here you The pressure is higher, you can take a larger value.

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