With the advent of high-power output carbon dioxide lasers, metal surface treatment processes have made great progress. Among them, laser coating, laser alloying, laser polishing, laser shock hardening and other processes are widely used. Laser surface treatment has been widely used in the manufacture of automotive engine seats, roof casings and frames.

In the production of auto parts, such as steel sleeves, crankshafts, piston rings and gears, after heat treatment by laser, it is not necessary to post-process, and can be directly sent to the assembly line for installation.

Laser processing computer numerical control combined with flexible manufacturing technology has been widely used in the manufacture of automotive molds. Laser cutting, laser surface treatment, laser heat treatment and other process technologies have shortened the original mold cycle from 28 weeks to 4-6 weeks, meeting the needs of rapid vehicle modification.

Wire Mesh Fence

The wire mesh fence including : airport fence/ security fence, court wire mesh fence, farm fence, community wire mesh fence, Temporary Fence, workshop separation fence, holland wire mesh fence, etc. In general, the material of wire mesh fence is low carbon steel or stainless steel. The surface treatment of wire mesh fence : PVC , painted, galvanized and powder coated.The wire mesh fence be widely used at latge airports both at home and abroad, used in highways, railways, station, service area, protecting tax area, harbor, fields, etc.

The advantages of wire mesh fence :

unique structure

easy and quick to install

easy to transport

good anti-corrosion


hard to fade and transform

beautiful shape

wire mesh fence

Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence,Temporary Fence,Chain Link Fence,Euro Fence