Laminated flooring is becoming more and more popular with consumers, but when it comes to shopping, pay attention to five types of flooring that cannot be purchased.
Strange board excessively high formaldehyde quality laminate flooring should be selected for the adhesive substrate is melamine, and "strange board" substrate adhesive urea-formaldehyde glue price is only 1/7 of the price of melamine. "Wei Wei plate" due to the production of low technology, poor material base, the volatilization of formaldehyde and other harmful gases in its products seriously exceed the national limit standards.
The reason why short-lived wear-resistant layers are not wear-resistant “short-lived boards” is because short-lived ordinary decorative paper is used on the floor surface, and the wear-resisting rotation number is extremely low. The wear-resistant layer of high-quality laminate flooring is aluminum oxide, which accounts for 20%-30% of the total cost of wood flooring. The lack of wear-resistant layer or insufficient weight of the wear-resistant paper will be the reason for the short-lived laminate floor.
The low-density “sweet core board” of the core board is also used to reduce the cost. The low-density medium density boards and chipboards are used as the materials for the production of reinforced flooring. Laminate flooring should be based on a dedicated high density board, and its water absorption and expansion rate must be strictly controlled. The "sweet core board" is 1/2 to 1/3 cheaper than the base material used by the regular manufacturers. Workshop board process level Low-strength laminate flooring requires large-scale production, with high technical content, and some famous brands of processing plants can produce tens of thousands of square meters a day. The production scale and technological standards of some no-name small-scale processing plants cannot meet the relevant national standards.
The floor cutting tools selected by the manufacturers who regularly produce laminate flooring are diamond cutters, whose precision is in the micron range, and they are regularly replaced. The cost of tools alone is as much as 2 yuan per square meter to 3 yuan per square meter. The workshop board uses ordinary woodworking tools, cutting accuracy can not meet the requirements, resulting in sheet metal gaps, installation occlusion is not good.
Li Guiban counterfeited imitation brand name "Li Guiban" to name, copy, imitation, whitewash identity as the main means. They use the lack of professional consumers' ability to discern, deceive and injure consumers, and profit from them to disrupt the normal market order.
Countermeasures to the formal market to buy brand floor preservation invoices expert advice, should go to the formal building materials market to buy the floor, it is best to choose a well-known higher quality certification system of brand-name products. When purchasing, you should read the product manual or test report and ask for an invoice after purchase. In this way, once the product has quality problems, according to the "Consumer Protection Law", claims can be made.

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