DK1 manual buckle machine

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Jining Ouke is a manufacturer specializing in the production of strong button-locking machines. You can find a variety of models and specifications of the button machine!

DK1 button machine is a kind of pull rod type button machine, he is the same as DK2 button machine, but his belt conveyor belt thickness is slightly thinner, it is 8-10mm.

DK1 manual lever type button machine features:

l DK type manual strong nail button machine is a matching product of BK type machine belt buckle. It has reasonable structure, flexible operation, convenient handling, firm binding and strict ISO9000 quality assurance system. It is an ideal product for quick link of machine conveyor belt.

l The quality of the buckle is good: when the buckle is fixed, the conveyor belt can be positioned at three points and then the cross-order fasteners are used to evenly distribute the extrusion deformation of the conveyor belt to ensure that the straightness of the joint after the buckle is not affected by the thickness variation of the conveyor belt. The buckle can be customized.

l Convenient operation: the conveyor belt can be conveniently loaded into the buckle on the buckle machine, which greatly saves the buckle. The auxiliary work can be nailed. The operation method is easy to master and can ensure the operation quality is low on the operating environment.

Long service life: key parts are made of special steel and strong and reliable.

l Product specifications: The buckle machine has 650mm and 1000mm according to the length specification.

Jining Ouke long-term production: hammer type button machine, manual strong button machine, DK1 manual power button machine, DK2 manual power button machine, V6 button machine and various belt buckles. Jining Ouke, look forward to working with you!

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