The solid wood floor has the advantages of good elasticity, warmth and comfort, giving people a sense of return to nature, so it is highly favored by consumers. However, during the use of solid wood flooring, if it is improperly selected and laid, there will be some “common diseases” such as galls, quilting, noise, dirty boards, flower faces, drums, and warping. "Talk about the diagnosis and treatment methods:
Insect mites: Because of the biting of insects in the wood, the floor surface can often see piles of powder, which is annoying. The reason is related to the floor selection. In order to prevent worms, the first choice is to purchase floors that have been produced through a steam kiln jet steaming process. Although the price is relatively expensive, all the eggs in the wood have been killed; the second is to carefully select the keel, and there are wormholes or bark. Do not use it.
Quilting: Some floorboards have been spread over a few days and there has been a large gap between the slats. This is mostly related to the high moisture content before the laying of the floor, and it shrinks due to the high temperature or air drying in the room. Note that the moisture content of the floor prior to laying should be in the range of 8% to 13%, and be timely oiled after being laid.
Sound: Because the quality of the floor is not high, people will make a buzzing noise when they walk around, and feel uncomfortable after hearing it. To this end, it should be noted that the keel and the ground, the floor and the keel bond firmly, the number and length of nails appropriate. At the same time, to prevent the keel spacing is too large or the moisture content is too high, otherwise drying and shrinkage after laying will also have a certain impact.
Dirty board: refers to some floors painted, giving people a dirty "gray" feeling, and some even the footprints are clearly visible. To prevent this from happening, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the surface of the board after polishing is kept clean.
Facial: Using the slats of the same tree species, the colors will also appear larger. If it is not properly laid, it will easily show a "face". When using lacquered wood floors, especially when the species is extremely variegated, you should consider the choice and deployment of the slats so that the color of the floor changes from shallow to deep, or gradually from shallow to deep.
Drum: After some floors have been laid, the floor is damp and the drums appear. This is mostly related to the environment around the floor, especially the base tide or floor water. In order to ensure that the floor does not play drums, we must pay attention to three points: First, at the end of the civil works, the solid wood floor cannot be laid immediately; Second, if the living room is in a humid environment, it is advisable to lay a moistureproof floor; Third, when laying, the floor The moisture content cannot be less than 6%.
Qi Qi: This is mainly because the solid wood floor is not caused by the normal drying process. Therefore, during installation, a layer of plastic film can be laid under the floor, on the one hand to prevent moisture and prevent the floor from lifting, on the other hand has a certain degree of sound insulation. In addition, the floor is placed in the room to be laid two or three days in advance so that the wood can adapt to the temperature of the room and it can also prevent warping.

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