Model NO.: HUAZUAN111
Condition: New
Usage: Wire Saw for Cutting Granite Marble Concrete
Hardness: Soft, Middle, Hard
Cutting Speed: 10-40
Wire Speed(M/S): 30-40
Technology: Sintered, Electroplated, Vacuum Brazed
Certification: ISO9001:2000, SGS
Beads Diameter: 7.2-11.5mm
Price: Competitive
Grade: a
Production Processes: More Than 70 Processes, 100% Quality Testing
Trademark: Huazuan
Transport Package: Paper Carton Wooden Case
Specification: 11.5mm*40*6
Origin: Fujian, China

 New Arrival High Precision Diamond Wire Saw For Granite Marble Profiling 


Application  1.For Stone Quarry,Block Squaring&Chamfering,Profiling Cutting
2.For Cutting Reinforce Concrete
Diameter Of Wire Saw  7.2mm, 8.0mm, 8.5mm,9.0mm,11.0mm,11.5mm
Technology   Sintered,Electroplated,Vaccum Brazed
Coating Fix Injection Plastic,Rubber,Spring,Rubber+Spring,Plastic+Spring
Beads/Meter 40/37/33/28/26pcs
Attention l. Checking the saw regularly and adjust timely.
2.Checking the pearl abrade regularly,Avoid the eccentric wear
3. Checking the joint regularly and adjust timely.
4. The tension of ropes is 250-300kg(Φ4-5mm ropes)
5.Water supply is around 15-25L/min
 Feature 1.Very less breakage ratio when using therefore increase working lifetime.
2.Automatic production ensures stable quality performance.
3.Safe, high efficiency and environment protecting. 

Product photo:
2016 Hot Sell Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Dressing
Our Advantage:
2016 Hot Sell Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Dressing
There are some parameter for your reference:    

Diamond wire saw for Granite block and profiling 
Beads diameter Beads/meter Coating Stone hardness Wire speed(m/s) Cutting speed(m²/h) Life (m²/m)
37 Rubber Soft 25-30 10-15 14-20
Middle 22-25 5-10 8-12
Hard 18-22 4-8 6-10
Plastic Soft 25-30 10-15 14-20
Middle 22-25 5-10 8-12
Soft 18-22 4-8 6-10
Diamond wire saw for Marble block and profiling
Beads diameter Beads/meter Coating Stone hardness Wire speed(m/s) Cutting speed(m²/h) Life (m²/m)
33 Plastic
Plastic  +
Soft 35-40 20-36 42-60
Middle 30-35 16-26 36-54
Hard 28-30 12-20 18-24

*Other specifications are available upon request.

 Company Introduction:
2016 Hot Sell Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Dressing

Quanzhou Huazuan Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.,established in 1994 and covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters,is an enterprise with more than 20 years' experience in research, development and production.
"HUAZUAN" means made in China,as solid and stable as diamond.Driven by diamond saw blade,diamond segment and diamond wire saw as for main products,company produce a series of high quality diamond grinding and polishing tools.
Continuous innovation are made with the aims to provide high efficient safe and environmental diamond tools for customers.
With the support of Huaqiao University Tool Research Institute as well as more than 20 years research and practice, we keep the lead of industry for product quality and producing technology,and build the outstanding business relationship with more than 50 countries and region partners.
We pursue the dreams that make HUAZUAN become the arena of realizing the dreams for clients,suppliers and staffs.In recent years,company make and practice a strategic plan to reinforce a high quality production system,create a consultant service team" and reached great success.
At present,China diamond tool constantly embody the competitiveness in the world ,we expect to contribute ourselves to change the poor quality image of China diamond tool in the world with our effect.

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Durostone Sheet or Synthetic stone is a kind of green and environment-friendly stone, which is composed of more than 95% natural stone powder, with a small amount of polyester and adhesives, mixed in vacuum, pressurized, and formed by vibration


Durostone Sheet  comes from the "stone kingdom" Italy, the English "composite stone".

According to the raw material into synthetic marble, synthetic quartz two kinds.

With the advantages of natural stone, large areas are paved with achromatic, environmental protection, high strength and complete variety.

Widely used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public places, family walls, floors, etc.

Production process:

1. Collect stone materials from the quarry

2. Mix resin and stone powder and other materials in vacuum

3. Vacuum extruding ingredients

4. Leave about 10 days in the factory

Cut into large plates according to requirements

6. Measurement and polishing

7. Cut from the big board to the required panel

8. Waxing and corner handling and packaging

9, storage,


Main use in the wall of building adornment, ground, mesa, stair step.

The synthetic stone is used in the following areas:

1. The airport, the ground of the airport, part of the wall, the hallway, the bathroom table and the wall.

2. The public parts of the building and office buildings, such as the floor of the hall, the wall of the wall, the wall of the floor of each floor, the wall of the toilet, floor, mesa and elevator well.

3. Square, mall, these places can be used in large areas such as walls, floors, toilets, elevators and so on.

4, villa, with mesa main, in toilet also can often arrive, still have stair step.

5. Other places, such as public buildings, museums, exhibition centers, hospitals, schools, etc.


1, colorless difference, meet the market's natural marble directly from the mine mining, the slightly and the formation of mine decided the composition of natural stone and marble texture, so led to a number of natural stone texture of inconsistencies, and synthetic stone is to smash of natural marble, and processing and forming, so can very good control of color difference, this synthetic stone within a certain range can look without clear off color, this has the advantage of convenient and the laying of large area, as a whole to maintain consistent style.

2, environmental protection, natural marble is different according to the composition and properties, some deep color radioactive substances, and synthetic stone in choosing a natural stone powder can avoid these substances, so as to achieve no radiation environmental standards.

3, close to the natural stone texture, synthetic stone can be very close to the natural texture, color and so on some colors, the effect of synthetic stone laying large area can completely and natural stone.

4. Excellent performance, good absorption rate, and structure more closely than natural stone.

5. No crack, anti-fouling, easy to clean.



Specification: The thickness of sheet material can be produced from 3mm to 50mm,the usual specification of 3-50mm is 1150mm* 1250mm, It can also be customized according to requirements, and the width cannot exceed 1220mm, and the length is not limited


Color: Green ,can also be made another color, and the color order is 500KG.


Modified varieties: can be added to the fiberglass, copper powder and molybdenum disulphide to enhance the bar.

Add antistatic agent to the permanent antistatic electric bar, and the volume resistance value is between 6 to 9 power of 10.

Add flame retardant to flame retardant rod from UL 94V-0 to HB flame retardant grade. Other modification requirements are customized according to customer's actual use.


Product certification: most environmental certification reports and safety reports for raw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.

Durostone Sheet

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